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Functional Fitness

Constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements to help people of all fitness backgrounds improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness. An unlimited class membership includes access to all our classes, Olympic Weightlifting, open gym time, Kinstretch and other services. Build strength and conditioning in the gym so you can feel good about life outside of it.

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Personal Training

Want to get your first pull-up? Compete at a higher level? Enhance your sport-specific performance? Our coaches offer one-on-one training and personalized programming tailored to your needs. We start by carefully assessing your movement patterns and resulting efficiencies or deficiencies while also gaining a deeper understanding of your goals, whether sports performance-related or overall health and well-being. We will curate a plan fully customized to you and your needs. We are there to push you, guide you and high-five you. “When deeds speak, words are nothing.”

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RISE Wellness

Here, we provide treatments tailored to your needs with the assurance of experienced staff and comprehensive follow-ups. Book your service today!

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