Our Community

Community is our greatest source of pride. The high-fives, the words of encouragement, the exchange of experiences before and after class – with a community cheering you on, you can conquer things you never thought possible.

Your Fitness Family

Build Connections


You Belong Here

Beyond the Box

Your Fitness Family

Training together as a team

Our members are kind and welcoming, friendly and always happy to help. There is no judgment here. The RISE family is made up of students and healthcare workers, seasoned and soon-to-be parents, the young and the young at heart – you are welcome here.

Build Connections

Meet awesome new people

For us, working out is the best hour of our day. Come to RISE, make new friends and become a part of something bigger than just a daily workout. Our incredible team will be there to push you while ensuring safe movement and lots of fun.


Create a sustainable lifestyle

We are here to innovate and re-energize the fitness experience. So our approach isn’t “get fit in 6 weeks” – that simply doesn’t work. Instead, we focus on creating a culture of commitment, passion and resilience so you can build a sustainable lifestyle.

You Belong Here

Everyone is welcome at RISE

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not fit enough to go to that gym” or “I can’t do functional fitness,” – we are a safe space with an incredible community where everyone is welcome.

Beyond the Box


Whether it's during a functional fitness class, at a CrossFit competition, around the table in our members lounge or at a local bar grabbing drinks – we are here to build connections. The RISE community extends far beyond just the gym setting.

Some community highlights

We designed our 13,000 sq ft facility to complement today’s flexible working culture and lifestyle. You can flip open a laptop and work from our members lounge, recover with a mobility session, and hop in the infrared sauna.


Members have unlimited access to our members lounge, where you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people on their path to growth and betterment. It’s also an excellent area for kids to hang out and play while you work out in the gym.


Our lounge area includes a kitchen with complimentary coffee and tables for working. Community has always been our focus, so we dedicated space to host hangouts, chill, or even catch up on work while sipping a coffee.


Engage in our community and watch the game before or after training. Our lounge includes couches, a TV, and an excellent view of the gym floor from above. Feeling sore? Included in your membership is access to our infrared sauna, where you can relax and recover after training.

Meet our Member of the Month...

Ruslana Tymoshchuk

"What's the most exciting thing you've accomplished here at RISE? "RING MUSCLE UP! I still can't believe it!

Join our amazing community!

We are a welcoming community offering quality coaching, world-class facilities, incredible events and an authentic training experience. From the first-time gym-goer to the elite athlete, we welcome members of all abilities to join!

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