If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not fit enough to go to that gym” or “I can’t do Functional Fitness” – we are a safe space with an incredible community where everyone is welcome. Sign up for your free week trial or check our RISE Gateway program!





Fun AF


A Growth Mindset

We are here to innovate and re-energize the fitness experience. To enable others to reach new heights and to lead by example by reaching a little higher ourselves. Join RISE and become the best version of yourself, mentally and physically.

Challenge Yourself
Push past your edge, a little more than you did yesterday
Mental & Physical Growth
Wellness is more than your physical health, challenge your mind too

Improve Your Quality of Life

We believe the quality of your health determines the quality of your life. So our approach isn’t “get fit in 6 weeks” – that simply doesn’t work. Instead, we focus on creating a culture of commitment, passion and resilience so you can build a sustainable lifestyle.

Come Back Stronger
Resilience is key to longevity. We want you to keep coming back, for you.
Dedication to Yourself
Making your health and wellness a priority is essential to create a sustainable lifestyle

RISE to the Next Level

Reach levels you never thought possible, push yourself harder than you thought possible, and be the strongest you possible. Our action-packed workouts are scalable for every fitness level and are guaranteed to get you results.

Pushing Your Edge
Our coaches and inspiring atmosphere helps keep you motivated to challenge yourself even more
Better Than You Were Yesterday
Improvement takes time and dedication. By putting in the work consistently, you will see positive changes

More Than Just a Workout

For us, working out is the best hour of our day. Come to RISE, make new friends and become a part of something bigger than just a daily workout. Our incredible team will be there to push you while ensuring safe movement and lots of fun.

Do What You Love
We want your daily workout to be something you look forward to, and not dread!
Enjoy Your Time at RISE
Take in the atmosphere of motivated peers and dedicated coaches and have the best workout ever

Stronger Together

Every one of us comes to work every day to do what we love -- inspire and be inspired. The beauty is that we continually develop ways to add value and concepts that fuel inspiration.

Our Dedicated Community
We are proud to be apart of this community that inspires hardworking and dedication
Find Inspiration
We are constantly inspired by all the people that make this gym a community


All Skill Levels Welcome

We understand that it can be daunting to try something new, and you may not know if it’s for you. RISE Gateway 4 week program. During the first 2 weeks you will be part of small group led by one of our expert coaches. They will fundamentally break down all movement progressions and get you ready for group class. In the following two weeks you will have unlimited access to our group classes with an additional coach devoted to the gateway members. Contact us for more information, or visit the link above!

Transformative Training

We offer both a variety of classes as well as open gym times 7 days a week. Train with a coach, in a class, with a group, with a buddy or train on your own. We always have a coach on the floor available to answer any questions you might have and ensure you feel comfortable in our space.

RISE Gateway Class

We understand that it can be daunting to try something new, and you may not know if it’s for you. RISE Gateway is a month-long program of 2-3 dedicated weekly classes. These classes include movement assessments, functional breakdowns of each base movement, and skill work in a daily workout format resembling a regular group class. Contact us for more information!


RISE is a fantastic gym. The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive, and will challenge you. The facility is outstanding with top of the line equipment and plenty of space. I've been a member here for a while now and highly recommend it.

Steve Low


I am most excited to join RISE so I can build an entire new me, plus the fact that I can do my intense functional workouts.

Brett M.


I am most excited about RISE's community. Everyone involved is so fantastic and I can't wait to train in the space.

Stephanie P.


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