Excited coach and competitor for CrossFit at RISE


Years of Experience




I have been involved in the Fitness and Health Industry for about ten years now. I started out taking my Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma at St.Lawrence College in Kingston, ON. That led me to become a personal trainer. After that I went back to school for Business at Sir Sandford Fleming in Peterborough, ON and graduated in 2014. I moved out to Calgary roughly a week after for a personal training job. I spent a couple years as a personal trainer at GYMVMT formerly known as World Health. I then transitioned over to GoodLife Fitness and eventually branched into management before realizing it wasn't for me. I started coaching CrossFit in 2017 and haven't looked back since. I really enjoy the class atmosphere and being able to coach different people at one time. It’s always rewarding/challenging getting to coach so many different people at once.

I have always been active and grew up playing a wide variety of sports. Baseball and hockey were the front runners but I quickly found a love for Rugby in High School and eventually went on to play at the collegiate level. I eventually found CrossFit as a competitive outlet and that is one of the main reasons I still continue to train.

I look forward to building the community at RISE with all of you!

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