Functional fitness enthusiast and dedicated coach at RISE


Years of Experience




Hi my name is Shawn Lukacsy. I am a coach and fitness enthusiast here at RISE Athlete.

I got into Functional Fitness around 10 years ago. Within that time I have worked with a couple of facilities during their opening months assisting them with setting up their training systems and building their coaching staff and communities, and I even owned my own facility for 6 years!

I’ve push my training as far as competing at the CrossFit Regionals level in 2015 and 2017.To date I believe that I competed in around 30-40 local/Canadian Crossfit style competitions as well. But that’s not all, in 2020 I competed in Olympic Weightlifting at the National level in my age category.

Currently I am very passionate about group strength programming, coaching group classes, and building remote programs for multiple levels of individuals and their fitness goals. I also work with clients in the nutrition world, teaching them about nutrient dense foods and how to balance eating with training.

Hope to see you at RISE soon!

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